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Studying at College of Chemistry
Experience Sharing – the Road I’ve Travelled (I)
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In order to construct the interactive platform of teachers and students, College of Chemistry held a series of Theme Salon with the subject of “Experience Sharing – the Road I’ve Travelled”. On Dec 8, 2016, Song Zhiguang, the professor of College of Chemistry, was the first teacher invited to share his own experience. This theme salon held in Room A214, Tang Auchin Building.

Firstly, Ms. Zhao, the counselor of undergraduate students extended a warm welcome to Prof. Song’s coming. Ms. Zhao, on behalf of the students, asked questions which students are most concern about. Prof. Song gave his point of view on study, work and life. He said students should pay attention to basic knowledge, keep firm objectives, and put the required knowledge into practice. Prof. Song also proposed students to be a down-to-earth and practical-minded man.

The series of Theme Salon “Experience Sharing – the Road I’ve Travelled” aims to construct the interactive platform of teachers and students through experts and scholars sharing their life experience with youthful students to pass positive energy. For the future, College of Chemistry will continue inviting outstanding teachers to make the theme salon to be an effective platform for talent cultivation.

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