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Studying at College of Chemistry
Experience Sharing – the Road I’ve Travelled (II)
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In order to construct the interactive platform of teachers and students, our college held the Theme Salon “Experience Sharing – the Road I’ve Travelled” for the second time in Room A214, Tang Auchin Building on Dec 9, 2016. Guo Yupeng, professor of College of Chemistry, was invited to attend this experience sharing.

First of all, Ms. Zhao, the counselor of undergraduate students, introduced the learning experience and scientific research of Prof. Guo. Then, Prof. Guo narrated the history of College of Chemistry and gave his opinions on the methods of college study in new media time. Through his elaboration of chemistry discipline, students have got a deepen recognition about chemistry and an open mind toward behaving. After communication with students, Prof. Guo shared his ideas on students’ questions.

The students present have had a better understanding about their major through this experience sharing between teachers and students. We both hope students here could enrich their college life with firm objectives, unremitting efforts and profound knowledge.

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